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Recycle Sassuolo
Research and book

Polytechnic University of Milan [IT]


drawings and a contribution

a book by A.Lanzani, C.Mattioli, F.Zanfi


Research team:

A.Lanzani, C.Mattioli, C.Merlini, C.Parenti

F.Zanfi, M.Zanini



Qhis book brings together a series of projects for the territory of the ceramic district of Sassuolo, developed in the context of teaching and research activities by a group of urban planners from the Milan Polytechnic. At the basis of the proposals is the belief that this district - like other Italian industrial districts undergoing transformation - will be able to remain attractive and vital only if the urban project is able to combine the needs of businesses and local society with the search for quality in the urban, rural it's natural.



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