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What do they think about me?

"In summary, a figure of a "restless" researcher and professional emerges, moved by a remarkable passion, very up-to-date on the debate on architecture and the city in Europe, and who can certainly make a very significant and original contribution in the field of teaching."

Chiara Merlini, Prof. Dastu Polimi

As the reader may have the opportunity to verify, Marco is not a common person. His civil commitment for the common good is vast, his competence levels and creative control are of the highest rate, and he is gifted with the valuable capacity of promoting the future with actions and of making things happen. I myself would be very happy of the possibility to count on his support for my future endeavours. Indeed, he is recurrently one of the persons who come up first to my mind whenever some particularly enticing and important professional problem pop up in my activities.

Gianluca Brunetti, Prof. Dastu Polimi

In my view, his capabilities are uncommon and highly sophisticated. He has demonstrated a particular aptitude for developing and testing innovative hypotheses in the context of multidimensional design, thanks to his intellectual vivacity and his curiosity, tackling themes in a creative way and placing them at the crossroads between the study of new living spaces, the in-depth knowledge of the context and environmental sustainability.

Francesco Infussi, Prof. Dastu Polimi

As I often say to him too, Marco Zanini brings together archaic and postmodern components. You will see him speeding by bike, dealing with self-construction, reuse, and at the same time creating maps, Innovative Startups and BIM projects with his digital skills.

Arturo Lanzani, Prof. Dastu Polimi

On every occasion in which we have collaborated, his intelligence, analytical skills and humanity have given excellent results.

Matteo Umberto Poli, Prof. Arch Dastu Polimi, Partner Aoumm

Marco is an architect gifted with great enthusiasm and great curiosity, who manages to establish a very positive relationship with students and collaborators, who loves the area in which he lives and who tirelessly strives to improve it.

Federico Zanfi, Prof. Dastu Polimi

...showed tremendous initiative and intelligence; has always contributed in a qualitative and decisive way to the achievement of the objectives; he fit perfectly into the work team, making himself appreciated as a professional and person.
He is a culturally rich individual, positively curious and interprets the role of architect in the noblest way: favoring the humanistic profile but without neglecting the tools and operational protocols necessary for the efficient development of projects.

Luca Compri, Arch. Senior Principal LCArchitetti

He has the ability to produce excellent results in a wide variety of areas, being organized and motivated, self confident and open minded.

Roberto Mascazzini,  Arch. Senior Principal Studio Mascazzini

I greatly appreciated his contribution, both in terms of specific skills and in terms of the ability to relate to students and colleagues. In fact, he always proved to be ready for confrontation and constructive dialogue.

Stefano Guidarini, Prof. Arch. Polytechnic of Milan, Senior Principal Guidarini & Salvadeo

Prof. Merlini Chiara, Milan Polytechnic

Prof. Gianluca Brunetti, Milan Polytechnic

Prof. Francesco Infussi, Milan Polytechnic

Prof. Arturo Lanzani, Milan Polytechnic

Arch. Roberto Mascazzini, Senior Principal 

Prof. Arch. Stefano Guidarini, Milan Polytechnic, Senior Principal Guidarini & Salvadeo

Prof. Arch. Matteo Umberto Poli, AOUMM Partner

Prof. Federico Zanfi, Milan Polytechnic

Prof. Paola Savoldi, Milan Polytechnic

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