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Varese [IT]


design and DIY construction of furnitures

event, lecture organization

with Va'rese, Cyclhub, FIAB, Legambiente,

Municipality of Varese

graphics for the event: Matteo Pane, Francesca Cecchini 


Re(S)pubblica is an intervention of re-appropriation of the public space. A week-long Placemaking attempt in Varese. 
“The city has the ability to provide something to everyone, only because, and only when, they are created by ALL”  Jane Jacobs

DOING: Doing instead of watching, doing instead of suffering.
IMAGINE SPACES: Re-reading spaces through creativity, creating new ones where they don't exist, re-appropriating them to give them back to the community.
WISH FOR BEAUTIFUL: People love beautiful things.
RETURNING SENSE: Loading our daily life with meaning, every place we live, every street we cross, every sidewalk we walk, every face we meet.
USE WHAT THERE IS: Do a lot with a little, because what is called a little is actually a lot. Making what you have beautiful, because someone's waste is someone else's treasure.
SHARING SKILLS: Learning from others and teaching others skills and passions. Finding meaning within our daily lives, in a collective and non-individualistic perspective.
COLLABORATE: Working together instead of thinking about your own things is a prerogative for becoming better people. 
Everyone can bring something and improve any project.
EAT: Food unites. 
Gathering people around a table with a plate of pasta is more useful than a meeting. 
OPEN SITE: Our projects are open, everyone can enter, contribute and build together. 
PLAY, DON'T PLAN :Always be ready, accept uncertainty and respond to it without fear.
BE TAKEN WELL:Enjoy what you have and what you are doing! 

During the open days the following have been with us: prof. Dipak Pant, councilor Dino de Simone, Instabile Portazza, Super association and many others...

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