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Varese HUB

redevelopment of a former mechanical workshop



with G.Golemme, C.Frattini, L. Zoia

client: cooperative the house in front of the sun

Varese HUB is a preliminary proposal for the recovery of a former mechanical workshop. The building is reconverted to host a coworking space alongside a family home: a flexible space where different professionals meet.
This meeting as well as an exchange between the hubbers becomes a way to show some professions live to the boys hosted in the family home. The former industrial building that houses a family home and a space used as a gym for martial arts becomes, with the coworking space, a place for the city, where conferences take place and where the family home meets the outside._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
The open space through movable and equipped walls and a single central volume for the services defragment the large open space, so as to exploit the place for multiple uses and times of day.
Wood is chosen as the construction material of the new one for its aesthetic and economic qualities and for the ease of installation.

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