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Ecosystem Workshop Olona

Casamatta, Malnate, Varese [IT]


organization, project,  graphics, website and network creation

with Legambiente Varese, Alberto Minazzi, Marco Verdi

recovered materials: wood with Novello


cost: 0 euros

The workshop (Module 1 and Module 2) is part of a process of re-construction of meaning and strengthening of the community initiated by the Casamatta environmental volunteering center, owned by Legambiente, located in the suggestive village of Molini di Gurone in Malnate (Varese).
The course is divided into two modules:
MODULE 1 | Territorial reading | Olona ecosystem aimed at the fine reading of the landscape of the Olona valley between Malnate, Vedano Olona and Varese.
MODULE 2 | Self-build | An outpost for the circular economy aimed at the design and construction of a mezzanine (a staircase and surrounding works) which will integrate the ongoing renovation of the "Casamatta" environmental volunteering centre.

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