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DoItOurselves Workshop

Casamatta, Malnate, Varese [IT]


client: Legambiente

organization, project, and self-construction

with Legambiente Varese, Radici 

recovered materials: wood, shutters, etc


cost: 0 euros

24 - 25 June a weekend where you can experiment with self-design and self-production: our motto will be DOING instead of DELEGATE

WorkShop1 |FURNISHINGS| self-planning and self-construction of furniture
The goal will be to think and build furniture with recycled materials for the future outdoor dining area in the common courtyard: tables, benches, deckchairs, etc. according to the waste materials we will have available (wood, super vintage solid wood headboards, shutters, blinds .... etc ...)
WorkShop2 | FOOD |: food self-productions attentive to seasonality and the territory; with a tour of the garden and a walk in the neighboring woods we will stock up on edible herbs, and together we will understand what kind of products it will be possible to make, with the aim of preparing an aperitif for the evening, and Sunday lunch.

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