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Residential building

Monza [IT]



Building Technology Studio
Prof. Arch. A.Campioli

Considering the site I have soon realized that the building should have formed a permeable boundary between road and internal area. Further consideration on daylight, brought me to the idea to characterize the building through various surface treatments. Apartments consist of a very large southward living area, connective space and a minimum northward sleeping area. The building has a free public ground floor due to shadows projection reasons. The closed north wall has random windows composition, minimizing their size due to the north orientation, this composition allows future windows openings. The north-west wall is covered with Eternit cladding. The south-east wall composed by all height glazed provides maximum winter heat gain, it is composed by two series of windows: outside, an high heat resistance windows, while the interior window has lower thermal resistance. In winter balconies are useless, the inner wall is “packed”, thus increasing the volume of living interior space. In summer, inhabitants “unpack” interior windows, bring down the outside windows, to create the balcony, and the sunshading.

Summer: more space outside, protection against sun.
Winter:more space inside and let the sun warm up.

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