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Ginger Bar



Architectural designer:

Arch. Elena Brusa Pasquè

Arch. Marco Zanini

Graphic project. George Bartocci

Client: Dar Zain




ZenZero is a totally accessible place designed according to the canons of "Design for all". A warm place, with bright but relaxing colors with good lighting in which to study and at the same time find more secluded corners. The architectural project is made up of a simple and linear volume of the counter which defines the private work space, from the fluid public space for customers and with an effective and clean gesture it solves the complexity of guaranteeing the rotations of the wheelchair in several points. The counter, personalized and designed with a simple volume in OSB. This material was chosen not only for its very low CO2 emissions and its low cost and versatility, but also for the intrinsic material characteristics that give the place "that something" to the place, making it more domestic, made for bar customers looking for a simple cuisine made of basic and unprocessed ingredients, like the cuisine of ZenZero. The materials used in the architectural project are steel and OSB: 2 easily recyclable/reusable materials whose materiality (without adding color) accentuates the decorative apparatus prepared by the artist Giorgio Bartocci. The Street artist, selected after a Street Art exhibition organized in Varese by the architect Ileana Moretti, has allowed the place to transform into a "warm place" with colorful and decisive brushstrokes. Yellow bulb lights strung with vibrant burgundy strands heighten the feeling of being at home. Zenzero is a snack bar with the ambition of becoming a "hotspot" in the Statale area. It begins in sprint with an architecture attentive to important issues: accessibility for all, cost-effectiveness, life cycle of materials and integration between decorative apparatus and architecture.

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