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Varese [IT]


design, DIY construction, brand identity

with L.Piatti

construction with A. Trotti





Cyclhub is a polythematic project for the opening of a cycle workshop in Varese financed through a crowdfunding campaign onEppela


In fact, Cyclhub reactivates the existing Ciclocittà-Fiab laboratory, whose equipment constituted the basic endowment of the Cyclhub laboratory. To store these tools, we have designed and built a kiosk on wheels, a mobile workbench having a steel structure built with the help of A.Trotti. The structure is  covered from recycled and painted windows on which all the names of our lenders have been written by tattoo artists on the outside. Inside, the windows have been colored by a street artist. When opened, the colored interior of the windows represents the decorative apparatus of the space available to us. Chiuso protects tools and stands out. When open, it becomes a decorative apparatus and displays the double workbench inside. With a function of attracting citizens, the Cyclhub kiosk will reactivate the underused space of the Coopuf portico, at Twiggy, where it will be stationed permanently, to serve the city from a more accessible and strategic position. From here, it will move following the events and initiatives organized in the area, actively serving city life.


Cyclhub is the heterogeneous and multifaceted product of the desires, energy and passions of different people, and with this spirit it intends to establish a new point of reference for the city of Varese. It's not just about repairing bicycles: Cyclhub is an active reality, which has a life of its own, capable of triggering new city dynamics and adapting to existing ones, metabolising them to give life to tailor-made services. We imagine a meeting point where all those who are attentive to the environment and recycling, interested in self-building techniques, thirsty for culture, in love with food, design enthusiasts can find common ground and actively participate in a series of initiatives and services linked to the world of cycling but aimed at the whole city of Varese and its territory. Cyclhub is also aimed at those who rarely ride a bike, those who use it only on Sundays, those who really don't go, out of laziness, out of habit, because they have never thought about it: a reality to serve those who ride a bike and make them want to go there for those who don't go there, stimulating new ways of experiencing the city. The project is supported by various associations: Twiggy, Legambiente, Coopuf, Ciclocittà Fiab and WGart.







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