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#design in times of crisis

Varese [IT]


client: A.Piatti

beneficiary: M. Zanini


project and self-construction

recovered materials: wood, fabrics,

purchased materials: Russian pine panels, iron corners

cost: 300 euros 

Bed/wardrobe is a small project for a studio apartment in a 19th century courtyard house. The decision to raise the bed, as well as for obvious reasons of space, was caused by the need to mitigate that feeling of "intimacy" due to the presence of the bed (a place of very private sphere) in a studio apartment._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The bed is made up of 2 boxes (a low wardrobe and a chest of drawers that hold up three beams on which rest the slats that support the mattress raised from the ground at a height of 150cm. Storage and wardrobe spaces are created below.

Wood is the only material used for economic needs, but above all for assembly. In fact, the small volume  was designed and entirely assembled on site by myself with screws and iron angles. To avoid wasting material , the dimensions of the panels used are 

state determinate from the optimization of the cuts of the large panels from which the carpentry has obtained the individual pieces that make up the bed.

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