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New Lombard Basketball Museum and redevelopment with expansion of the Sports Hall 



Final design

Senior Designer, Coordinator 


Arch. Elena Brusa Pasquè

Arch. Marco Zanini

Arch. S. Altintepe

Arch. V.Gherardi

Rendering: Federica Ambrosioni

Facilities: Studio Aceti

Implants: Seingim

about 4 million euros




The new Lombardo Basketball museum financed by the Lombardy Region foresees the demolition of the unused tiers of the west wing of the Palazzetto dello Sport. In place of the CLS terraces, which will be reused in the municipal parks and playgrounds, prefabricated concrete slabs are positioned which allow the construction of a new volume that will house a museum, a restaurant, offices and new skyboxes. The capacity is also increased with 500 new seats in the North Gallery and a reorganization of the entire building for the approval of CONI. The external facade is made with a skin of plastic material which will allow great dynamics thanks to plays of light. The internal facade, again in plastic fabric, will allow information and advertising to be projected inside the Palazzetto.

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