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Days of self-construction with recycled materials
as a practical moment of the Workshop of Thesis @ Polimi

Casemate, Malnate (VA)


Coordinator M. Zanini

Course taught by

Prof. G.Brunetti G.Di Luzio

Tutor M. Zanini




The last week of July 2021 withLegambiente Varese Onlusand the startupRE-signthe operational part of the thesis laboratoryPolitecnico di Milanoheld by Prof. Brunetti and Di Luzio with me as a tutor we did a week of self-construction by realizing some parts of the degree theses whose objective was the sustainable redevelopment of Casamatta. The challenge, together with the undergraduate students Federica, Federico, Marta and Tommaso, was to start from windows and other recycled materials and self-create bow windows and an isolated external wall and an attic to continue the redevelopment ofCasemate. Together with usCBS Windows and Doorswhich has provided know-how and material, which would have become waste, to demonstrate that even SMEs in the area can do research at certain levels and on crucial issues such as#circular economyand recovery of materials.

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