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-microvaluation of the everyday-

Varese [IT]


urban mapping and social projects

Collective VA'rese (founder) 





VA'rese is a project for the micro-enhancement of everyday life that sees the city with new eyes: through a map and small projects on the ground, it highlights some "remarkable" places in the city and inserts them into a uniform circuit.

Varese is a large city, dotted with architectural, landscape, historical and environmental excellence, known and less known. Through a web map and an app, simple, clear and available to everyone, some notable places will be indicated, reported directly by citizens and associations (FAI, Legambiente, GEV, etc.). A large univocal and easily consultable collection of Varese emergencies: places that have powerful but dormant values, of which its citizens have forgotten, at best become addicted. From the excellences of Palazzo Estense and Villa Panza to minor places and lesser-known glimpses, such as some perspectives of the Cagnola village, little-known Art Nouveau buildings, unexpected views from the Sacromonte, the territory is full of significant episodes that tell the story of this city, its industrial past, its very high landscape and environmental value: the beauties are many, you need to have eyes to see them (or a little help).

These places, once "revealed" online on the web map and the app, will become the subject of graphic installations that will highlight them in the urban context.

The second phase of the project foresees the drafting of a program of musical and theatrical events that temporarily inhabit the identified spaces: small concerts, shows - to be programmed also in conjunction with other city events - which activate these places by creating exchange and aggregation, also giving the possibility for bands, clubs and associations to have visibility and create their own collection of promotional videos. Furthermore, a large Buskers Fest could take over these places and make them all live together for a day.

>< Objectives .Make available to citizens and tourists a single platform that signals the beauties of Varese.Re-read the city and its landmarks, highlighting known and lesser-known places.Enhance the area of Varese and its daily beauties, rediscovering the "garden city" .Rediscovering the joy of consciously meeting within the city

Va'rese is a project supported by the FAI delegation of Varese and Legambiente if you want to help us, or simply contact us by writing to

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