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​Theatre in a quarry

Kopfing [AT]




Architectural design studio 2

Prof. Arch. H.F.Jourda


2nd prize

Open-air Theatre in Kopfing

The location of the project is dominated by the presence of the quarry, whose huge dimension gives the feeling of being insignificant compared to it.
This building is a simple platform built to  provide different perspectives to enjoy the landscape.
The surface for the development of activity is partially enclosed by the shape of ttwo volumes, permeable from the inside courtyard but also solid against natural intemperances, embracing and protecting the inner open space towards the lake.
The main goal of the structure in this particular place is the pursuit of  the view of landscape.
This concept of architecture as promenade is revealed also in the continuity of the surfaces from inside to outside spaces. The platform in most of its surface is made by ramps which provide accessibility for wheelchairs.
Sustainability is achieved not only by use of recycled materials but also by the exploitation of local resources and moreover through the economical awareness in order to build in the cheapest and most efficient way.

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