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​Spa and hotel

Altenburg [AT]




Architectural design studio 4

Prof. Arch. A.Palffy

The starting point to develop the project was the site, wishing the continuity of the existing baroque monastery and the fence.
The first decision was to demolish the building that close the courtyard and re-open it to everybody, to the citizens.
In my opinioni, nowadays monasteries don’t need fences, they need to attract people. Human being raise fences due the fear. Fear of the surrounding, the “nature” has seen as an enemy or something to utilize.
Today the scenario has been modified, the nature is no longer something to push away. The existing wall rapresents the real basement of the new building.
The idea is composed by two main concepts:
-Continuing the limit represented by the east façade of the “Kaisertrakt“ and creating continuity with the baroque original project.
-Keeping on and folding in an abstract form the existing building and exploiting the wall as a limit of the area.

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