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City as a mosaic of culture

Milano [IT]




Architectural design studio 1

Prof. Arch. C.Zucchi

The project consists of an auditorium and a series of national pavilions, in order to host a parallel events during 2015 EXPO in Milan.
The aim of the building is to create a multicultural point of reference for all the different cultures that live in Milan. The masterplan consists of a new park for the city, an auditorium, facilities, restaurant and several national pavillions. The auditorium tries to create a relation between the historical building of “Casello” and the volume of the national pavillions. Its form is related to the urban restrains such as streets and pedestrian accesses. It performs separeted different functions with the possibility to link them together in order to meet all the people need.
The park is below the ground level to create a relaxing place in opposition to the “frenetic lifestyle of the city”. It is composed by a main route crossed by secondary entrance that creates a gathering point.

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